How Do You Remove Fabric Paint From Clothes?

remove-fabric-paint-clothes Credit: Michael H/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To remove fabric paint from clothing, first scrape off any extra paint. Then scrub the stain with a liquid detergent and water mixture. Finally, use rubbing alcohol to remove lasting traces of paint.

  1. Remove extra paint from the surface

    Use a spoon, a dull knife or another hard, dull item to scrape excess paint from the clothing. Move the item across the surface of the fabric in a straight motion to avoid driving the paint particles further into the clothing fibers. Remove as much of the paint as possible, and then shake the garment.

  2. Use a detergent solution

    Mix a solution of liquid detergent, using one part detergent and one part water. Soak the solution into clean sponge, and press the sponge against the stain, applying a medium amount of pressure. Continue to blot the entire stain. Rinse the shirt, and repeat the process until the stain stops getting lighter in color.

  3. Apply rubbing alcohol

    Find a clean white cloth, and place your stained item of clothing face down on the cloth. Saturate a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, and place the cotton in the center of the fabric paint stain. Push the cotton ball down gently, allowing the rubbing alcohol to saturate the entire stain. Lift the clothing item to ensure that the paint has transferred to the white cloth.