How Do You Remove Epoxy Glue?

Removing epoxy glue is not easy, but it can be done. If the glue is uncured, it can be cleaned off with alcohol or acetone. However, once the epoxy has dried, it will be much harder to remove and a heat gun will be required.

  1. Use alcohol or acetone to remove uncured epoxy glue

    Wipe the area that has the uncured epoxy on it with some rubbing alcohol or acetone on a cotton ball or rag. Continue until the glue is completely removed and the area is no longer sticky.

  2. Apply acetone on hardened epoxy glue to thin out

    If the epoxy has hardened, you can thin it out by applying acetone. Let the acetone sit anywhere from a few minutes to overnight.

  3. Apply heat with a heat gun

    Wipe off any acetone completely. Using a heat gun, apply the heat directly to the epoxy for as long as it takes to soften it. Once the epoxy is softened, apply more acetone to remove it.