How Do You Remove Dryer Sheet Stains?

Remove dryer-sheet stains by rubbing the stained areas with a wet bar of soap or some liquid dish detergent, and then washing the items in a washing machine without adding laundry detergent. Dry the rewashed items on low heat in the dryer without using an additional dryer sheet.

Dryer sheets contain fat-based lubricants that make clothing fibers feel smooth and soft. Normally the heat from the dryer releases the active agents, and they spread evenly over the surface of the items in the dryer. Grease-like stains occur only when the lubricating agents are deposited on the clothing unevenly.

To avoid future stains, the dryer should not be overfilled, and the dryer sheet placed on top of the load. Placing the dryer sheet in first or in the middle of the load could potentially cause fatty lubricants to transfer to clothing items before the dryer starts up. The dryer should be started as soon as the fabric softener sheet is added, and high or normal heat should always be used with dryer sheets. Low heat or fluff cycles do not properly activate the lubricant, and stains may result.

Liquid fabric softener that is added to the wash cycle also sometimes causes stains. Remove stains from liquid softener in the same manner as stains from dryer sheets. Avoid future stains by diluting liquid fabric softener with water before adding it to the rinse cycle.