How Do You Remove Dried Blood From Fabric?


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Removing a dried blood stain is usually a matter of scraping away as much of the dried blood as possible, followed by rinsing or blotting with cold water and then using cleaning agents. Depending on the fabric, blood removal can be difficult and is not always possible.

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How Do You Remove Dried Blood From Fabric?
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Before wetting the stained fabric, as much dried blood as possible must be gently brushed or scraped away. Next, the fabric should be rinsed with cold water from the back of the stain. The stain must be blotted with cold water if the fabric cannot be rinsed. After rinsing or blotting, the affected part of the fabric should be soaked in cold water for 10 to 60 minutes, changing the water if it becomes tinted. Following the cold soak, the stain should be rinsed or blotted with hydrogen peroxide.

If the stain is still there, individuals can treat it with a prewash stain remover or work liquid laundry detergent into it with a soft toothbrush. They must then allow it to rest for 30 minutes and launder according to any manufacturer's instructions. If the stain is still present after laundering, the spot treatment can be tried again.

Persistent stains can be treated by soaking it in milk, white vinegar, club soda or a saline solution before laundering. It is important to test the chosen agent on an inconspicuous spot first to see if it damages the fabric. Another trick is to apply a paste of unseasoned meat tenderizer and water to the stain, allow it to dry, and then scrape it off.

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