How Do You Remove Double-Sided Tape From Carpet?

remove-double-sided-tape-carpet Credit: *adrisbow* (adriana lopetrone)/Moment/Getty Images

To remove double-sided tape from carpet, pull up the tape, and use Goo Gone to remove the sticky residue. Wearing rubber gloves, apply Goo Gone in small patches along the strip of residue on the carpet, and then wipe away the Goo Gone.

  1. Remove the tape from the carpet

    Pull the tape away from the carpet, and throw it away.

  2. Apply Goo Gone in small patches along the tape residue

    You can find Goo Gone at most home improvement stores. When applying, try to keep each patch less than 12 inches.

  3. Wipe away the Goo Gone and residue

    Using a warm, wet cloth, scrub away the Goo Gone.