How Do I Remove a Door Frame?

To remove a door frame, detach the door, loosen and remove the screws that hold the frame to the wall, and pull out the frame from the wall. If necessary, get a friend to help you lift the frame from the wall.

  1. Remove the door

    Place a nail at the bottom of the pin that holds the door to the hinge, and hit the nail with a hammer to detach the door from the hinge. Repeat the process for the other hinges, and use a pry bar to drive out the nails that hold the trim to the door frame. Repeat for the other side of the door.

  2. Loosen the frame

    Drill out the screws that secure the door frame in place, and remove any remaining nail heads with a pry bar. In case the nail heads are hidden in the frame, cut all the way around the door frame with a saw to separate the frame from the wall.

  3. Detach the frame from the wall

    Loosen the frame by gently hitting the frame edge with a mallet, and pry the frame from the wall. If needed, have an assistant help you pry out the frame. Finally, repair any damaged parts of the wall before installing a new door.