How Do I Remove My Dog's Urine Stains From Hardwood Flooring?

To remove stains and odor caused by pets, sand the hardwood floor, and clean it with hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to refinish the sanded areas after cleaning. Pet stains may require several days to remove because of the time necessary for the flooring to dry thoroughly between cleaning and refinishing.

  1. Sand the stained area

    Sand the stained area until the finish is removed, and sweep the area to remove any dust.

  2. Clean the area

    Use hydrogen peroxide to remove old or dark stains; apply the peroxide directly to the stained area. Cover the area with a towel or cloth, and allow it to remain overnight. To treat light stains, apply peroxide to the area, and rinse the area after 10 minutes. If odors are present, use an enzyme-based cleaner according to the manufacturer's instructions. Allow the floor to dry.

  3. Refinish the area

    Sand the area lightly, and apply stain or topcoat to match the existing flooring. Allow the finish to dry before walking on the area.

  4. Replace boards as needed

    Pet stains can penetrate hardwood floors, causing significant damage deep within the boards. If stains or odors persist after sanding and cleaning, the affected floor boards must be removed and replaced.