How Do You Remove a Deadbolt Lock?

Removing a deadbolt lock requires access to the inside of the door from which the lock is to be removed, a screwdriver and minimal, mechanical knowledge. In most cases the deadbolt is easily removed with only a Phillips screwdriver, but some deadbolts require an Allen wrench to remove the faceplate to get to the screws holding the mechanism in place.

If the deadbolt lock is being replaced it is recommended to have the new one on hand before removing the old one. This is to make sure that the home or office is secured with a lock and not left open for extended periods of time.

  1. Access the two main screws
  2. Remove the two main screws on the face of the deadbolt with a Phillips screwdriver. If the screws are not visible, check the thumb turner to see if there is a small hex screw that must be removed with an Allen wrench first. In some cases, the face plate needs to be pried off with a coin or other small and thin object to reach the screws.
  3. Remove screws
  4. With the screws visible, remove each of them while carefully pulling the lock away from the door on each side.
  5. Remove bolt
  6. The bolt found on the inside edge of the door is easily removed with a Phillips screwdriver. Use a flat head screwdriver to loosen the edges after the screws are removed and pull it out of the door.