How Do You Remove Dead Rat Odors From Your Home?

To remove dead rat odors from your home, find the decomposing carcass, remove it from the house, and open windows and doors to expel the smell. Using electric fans, disinfectants and deodorizing air fresheners can also eliminate the smell.

Searching for a decaying rat carcass and removing it from the house takes away most of the odor. Search closets, cabinets, attics and places you may have placed rat traps to find the carcass. If the carcass is in an inaccessible area, remove a part of the wall, or contact a pest-control professional to find the decaying rodent. If you cannot find the carcass, place sanitation bags in areas where the stench is strongest. Sanitation bags, which cover up to 100 square feet, absorb bad odors and can last up to three months.

Leaving doors and windows open facilitates air circulation and takes the dead-rat odor from the house. Although air-freshening sprays and tablets only mask the odor, they can eliminate foul odors if used with fans and vented doors and windows. Use gloves and respirators to clean contaminated areas, and throw away any clothing used during cleaning. To limit rat invasions in the future, keep your home clean, seal holes, cracks and other entryways, and place rodent prevention pouches around the home.