How Do You Remove Creosote in a Wood Furnace?

How Do You Remove Creosote in a Wood Furnace?

To remove creosote from a wood furnace, pour creosote remover over hot coals, kindle a fire over the coals, let it burn out, and stir the ashes. Repeat this twice weekly for one month, and then reduce the frequency to once per week. This process removes creosote buildup and prevents future accumulation.

Place logs in the furnace, and light a fire. When the fire dies, distribute a scoop of creosote remover inside the furnace. Fill the furnace with fresh kindling, and light another fire. Gradually add more wood until you have a strong fire, and let it burn out. Agitate the ashes with a poker.

Repeat this process twice a week for one month and then once a week throughout the remainder of the heating season. Regularly check the furnace for creosote residue, and remove it monthly. When the heating season ends, scrub the chimney and furnace to remove the last traces of creosote residue.

Granular creosote remover is highly effective, but it is not the only option. Creosote-removing logs and sticks produce similar results. These products contain creosote remover, and they release the chemical when added to an existing fire.

Creosote removers promote safe furnace operation but are not a substitute for regular inspections and maintenance. Professional cleaning is another important component of wood furnace safety, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America.