How Do You Remove a Creeping Fig?

How Do You Remove a Creeping Fig?

Without the right tools and plans, eliminating creeping fig plants permanently can be difficult. To kill both the roots and the vine permanently, you require eye protection, gloves, pruning shears, glyphosate herbicide and a paintbrush.

  1. Protect yourself

    Before attempting to remove the creeping fig plant, put on eye protection and gloves. Wear a long shirt and pants and appropriate protective footwear.

  2. Cut down the branches

    Use the pruning shears to cut down the branches that extend from the plant's main trunk. Continue until you reach the trunk.

  3. Cut the main trunk

    Get as close to the ground as possible, and cut down the main trunk.

  4. Apply herbicide

    Dip the paintbrush into the glyphosate herbicide, then spread a substantial amount all over the severed trunk in the ground. Do not allow the glyphosate herbicide to come into contact with your skin.

  5. Watch the plant

    Monitor the progress of the creeping fig plant for a few weeks to make sure that nothing grows back. If you notice any new growth, remove it immediately and reapply the glyphosate herbicide.

  6. Allow the plant matter to die

    Before you attempt to remove the creeping fig plant completely, allow the cut pieces to die and become dry.

  7. Remove the plant matter

    Once the plant has stopped growing, remove the dry plant matter and dispose of it.