How Do I Remove Corrosion From Copper Pipes?

How Do I Remove Corrosion From Copper Pipes?

To remove corrosion from copper pipes, inspect the water's pH levels, and identify the source of corrosion. Remove the source of corrosion and install a calcite neutralizing filter to raise pH levels. Install a phosphate feeder to coat the piping with phosphate and reduce corrosion.

  1. Inspact the pH levels

    Inspect the water for low pH levels, which causes pipe corrosion since low pH levels create acid water that corrodes copper piping. Remove unnecessary electrical appliances connected to the piping. Verify that the entirety of the piping system is electrically grounded.

  2. Install a calcite neutralizer tank

    Install a calcite neutralizer to raise water pH levels above 7.0. Calcite neutralizer tanks release calcium and magnesium into the water to gradually reduce corrosion.

  3. Install a phosphate feeder

    Install a phosphate feeder before the piping to coat it with phosphate and reduce the corrosion.