How Do I Remove Copier Toner From Clothing?

Remove copier toner from clothing by removing the article, taking it outside and shaking it over a waste receptacle. Wash the garment through two wash cycles, the first using dishwashing detergent and the second using regular laundry detergent. Use cold water, and avoid drying until the toner is gone.

  1. Shake but do not vacuum

    Remove the garment, and take it to an outside collection bin. Shake the garment to remove as much of the powder as possible. Do not use a normal household vacuum, as static electricity on toner can build as it passes through the hose, resulting in an explosion of the fine particles with potential to damage the machine and cause personal injury.

  2. Use two wash cycles

    Toner is a waxy substance that dishwasher detergent helps to dissolve. Wash the garment in cold water. Do not dry. Heat from the water in a wash cycle or a dryer heat sets the toner, causing permanent staining of the clothing.

  3. Repeat with laundry detergent

    Wash the stained item a second time using your normal laundry detergent. Check to ensure all the gray residue is removed. Continue to repeat the cold water wash cycles to remove the toner, if necessary. Once satisfied you have removed the stain, dry the article as normal.