How Do You Remove Contact Paper From Kitchen Cupboards?


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Natural Handyman recommends removing old contact paper by heating the surface of the contact paper with a hair dryer and cleaning the remaining adhesive from the surface using a citrus cleaner. A second application of citrus cleaner may be needed to remove adhesive.

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Begin heating the contact paper at the back corner of the shelf, and pull forward slowly while applying heat. The blow dryer should be on the lowest heat setting. Pull the contact paper forward with slow, steady pressure to ensure it comes off without tearing or ripping. Remove the remaining adhesive with a commercial cleaner, rubbing alcohol or turpentine.

Perform a spot test to determine whether turpentine, alcohol or commercial cleaners remove the paint or topcoat of the cabinet. Rub a small amount of the turpentine on a hidden area to determine if it damages the paint or topcoat. If the cabinet doesn't change in appearance after applying and removing the cleaner, it is safe to continue using the product.

To remove the remaining adhesive, apply a layer of the cleaner over the surface, and allow the cleaner to sit for several minutes. Wipe the cleaner and adhesive away with a clean paper towel or utility cloth. The process may need to be repeated to ensure that all the adhesive is gone. To clean the adhesive with rubbing alcohol or turpentine, pour a small amount of the cleaner onto a utility cloth, and scrub the cabinet.

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