How Do I Remove Color That Bled Into Fabric?


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To remove color that bled into fabric, soak the fabric in diluted color-safe bleach, apply a commercial dye lifter and launder the fabric according to the instructions on its care label. This 8-hour procedure requires a bucket, warm water, color-safe bleach, commercial dye lifter, laundry detergent and access to a washing machine.

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  1. Test the fabric

    Put several drops of color-safe bleach on an inconspicuous part of the fabric, and leave it there for two hours. If the bleach does not change the textile's color, it is safe to use on the entire piece of fabric.

  2. Immerse the fabric in diluted bleach

    Fill a large bucket with equal amounts of hot water and color-safe bleach. Submerge the fabric in this solution, and leave it there for three hours. If you do not see substantial improvement in three hours, leave the fabric in the bleach for another hour.

  3. Apply commercial dye remover

    Lift the fabric out of the bleach solution, and rinse it in warm water. If some unwanted color remains, treat the fabric with a commercial dye lifter. Follow the directions on the package.

  4. Launder and dry the fabric

    Launder and dry the fabric according to the directions on its care label. Wash it alone or with similarly colored textiles.

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