How Do You Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet?

How Do You Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet?

To remove coffee stains from carpet, act quickly by pouring water onto the stain to dilute it, and then use a clean towel or cloth to blot up the water. Use a stain removal product to remove any remaining coffee stains.

  1. Pour water on the stain

    As soon as the spill occurs, pour a little bit of water onto the stain to dilute the coffee. Do not completely soak the area. Pour just enough water to dilute the spill.

  2. Dab up the water

    Using a clean towel or a cloth, dab up as much of the diluted spill as you can. Do not rub the area or risk making the stain worse. Dabbing the area with an absorbent cloth works best.

  3. Repeat the process

    Repeat the diluting and dabbing steps until all or at least a majority of the spill is gone. Stop when you no longer see evidence of the spill.

  4. Use carpet stain remover

    Follow the directions on the label of your preferred carpet stain remover to remove any leftover traces of the spill. If you are using a product you have never used before, be sure to spot test a small area of your carpet before you perform this step.

A combination of liquid dish soap and white vinegar also gets coffee stains out of carpet.

Before applying the soap and vinegar solution to the carpet, using a dry cloth to blot up as much coffee as possible reduces the amount of time spent using the mixture. In situations where the coffee has just been spilled, blotting it with a dry cloth can soak up almost all of the coffee.

The best ratio for the cleansing mixture is a tablespoon of dish soap, a tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. Making more of the mixture simply requires multiplication of those proportions.

Before applying the mixture, the first step is to dip a clean, white rag into warm water and sponge the stain. Then continue blotting using the mixture. The process should continue until the coffee stain has disappeared. Sponging the area clean with a cloth dipped in cold water brings the mixture out of the carpet. The last step is to use a dry, white cloth to blot up as much of the moisture as possible.