How Do You Remove Clover From Your Lawn Grass?


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Use lawn fertilizer that increases nitrogen levels to prevent clover from spreading in your lawn. Clover is a perennial weed commonly found in lawns and fields with low nitrogen levels.

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Another way to prevent the spread of clover is keep your grass tall. Setting your mower height to 3 inches or taller will keep your lawn tall enough to prevent sunlight from reaching clover and other ground-cover weeds. Herbicides can be used to kill the clover, but only the strongest herbicides kill the root system of the plant, and herbicide treatment does not prevent clover seeds from spreading. Extremely potent herbicides such as Round-up can damage your grass, too, so these should be reserved as an option of last resort.

Pulling clover by hand is the safest way to eradicate this weed. If you choose this option, be sure to yank out as much of the root system as possible. This will help to prevent it from returning. If none of these methods are appealing, you may consider allowing the clover to remain. Clover helps prevent other weeds from spreading and also acts as a natural fertilizer for grass. Lawns with clover require less maintenance than lawns with no clover.

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