How Do You Remove the Cloudy Appearance of Glassware?


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Remove the cloudy appearance from glassware by soaking it in white vinegar for about five minutes, and then rinsing in clear water. If the cloudy appearance dissolves, it is likely from hard water. If the glassware remains cloudy, the appearance may be due to etching of the glass and you must replace it.

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Hard water is a problem in many areas of the United States. The water supply has dissolved calcium, magnesium and other minerals. While these minerals improve the taste of the water, they make soap and detergents less effective at cleaning. The drying cycle of a dishwasher evaporates the water, leaving the minerals on the glass as a cloudy film.

Reduce the film buildup by filling both cups of the dishwasher with detergent before starting the wash cycle. The additional detergent is sometimes effective at removing the cloudy film. Adding a rinse aid to the automatic dispenser in the dishwasher also helps fight the cloudy film.

Another cause of the cloudiness is a water temperature that is set too low. Open the hot water faucet at the kitchen sink and run the water for a few minutes. Fill a glass with water and measure the temperature using a candy thermometer. Temperatures below 130 degrees Fahrenheit sometimes leave a film. Use the dishwasher’s heat boost cycle to eliminate the film or increase the temperature at the water heater.

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