How Do You Remove Clothing Dye Runs?


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Remove dye runs from clothing right after the run occurs, while the clothing is still wet. Depending on the material and the dye, use a color safe bleach, color dye remover or detergent. Avoid using hot water or a heat dryer on the material, which can make the stain permanent.

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How Do You Remove Clothing Dye Runs?
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  1. Rinse the clothes in the washer

    If the dye run just occurred, cycle the affected clothing through the washer again without the item that is running. Use a hot temperature and a strong detergent. Putting it through the washer immediately can remove the run before it sets.

  2. Bleach white fabrics

    For white or color safe fabrics, mix 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach with 1 gallon of cool water. Test the bleach mixture on an inside seam of the clothing to check for any discoloration or fabric thinning. If the mixture is safe to use, soak the garment in it for 30 minutes, stirring it around. Use protective gloves and glasses when using bleach.

  3. Apply dye remover

    For colored clothing, apply a commercial dye remover to the area with the color run. First, soak the garment in a baking soda and cold water mixture and then apply the dye remover. Rinse the cleaning products from the clothing.

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