How Do You Remove Clear Silicone Sealant From Glass?

To remove silicone sealant from glass, slice if off using a utility knife. Coat the remaining sealant with silicone remover, and leave it on for the amount of time indicated by the manufacturer. The sealant should take no longer than five minutes to soften if the layer is thin enough. Use a putty knife to remove the soft sealant from the glass.

Before starting to remove silicone sealant from glass, put on gloves and protective goggles. Open doors and windows in the room where you are going to work to ensure proper ventilation. Slide the blade as close as possible to the glass surface to remove as much sealant as possible. Slide it through the sealant several times, if needed. The goal is to leave as little sealant as possible before using silicone remover.

You can also soften the sealant first using a heat gun or a hair dryer. Be careful not to cut yourself when scraping off the sealant. Never move the knife towards yourself when slicing, and always keep the other hand away from the knife. In addition, don't try to cut too quickly, as you can scratch the glass. Try not to breathe in toxic fumes from the silicone remover.

After all the sealant has been removed, soak a cloth in a mixture of warm water and liquid soap, and wipe the glass. Rinse the glass with warm water afterwards.