How Do You Remove Cigarette Smoke From Walls?

To remove the smell of smoke from walls, ventilate the rooms, clean the entire house from top to bottom, wash all walls and ceilings with a cleaning product, and allow them to dry. Repeat the process until the cigarette smoke smell is gone.

  1. Clean the air

    Open all the doors and windows to allow fresh air to flow through your home freely. Use an air purifier near walls where the cigarette smoke smells the strongest.

  2. Clean the house

    Clean the entire house, including the floors, carpet, and baseboards. If the carpet still smells after cleaning it, consider hiring a professional cleaning service or replacing the carpet. Wash all mirrors, windows, window coverings and window sills and frames with white vinegar.

  3. Wash and rinse the walls and ceilings

    Once the smell is eliminated from the rest of the house, wash all walls and ceilings with a cleaning product that contains ammonia and glycol. Test a small area of the wall beforehand to ensure it does not damage the paint. Rinse the solution off with a clean, damp sponge.

  4. Allow the walls to dry

    Allow the walls to dry completely, and then smell them. If you still smell smoke, wash and rinse the walls again. If the sell remains after multiple washes, consider having them repainted.