How Do You Remove a Chimney?


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Before removing the chimney, make sure the roof decking can support your weight. Remove the chimney one brick at a time using a hammer and cold chisel. Erect a secure scaffold with safety rails so that you can work from the top down. Place bricks in a pile as you remove them, and lower them to the ground in a bucket. Do not throw them from the scaffold.

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Plan to remove the chimney during dry weather periods. Prepare to reconstruct areas of the house below the roof line behind the removed bricks from the chimney, including the roof and exterior wall siding. Patch the roof, and finish soffits and eaves. You may need to leave bricks embedded in the home's interior in place.

Seal the firebox to prevent outside air from entering the house. You may need to reinforce the house's foundation and repair the floor's framing. Use the bricks removed from the chimney to create a barbecue or fire pit.

Many homeowners wish to remove chimneys because they are inefficient and require time-consuming cleanup. Removing a chimney can create more usable space in the home's interior. Chimney removal is not difficult, but it is messy and requires significant labor. The material for the project is relatively inexpensive.

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