How Do You Remove Chewing Gum From Leather?

How Do You Remove Chewing Gum From Leather?

To remove chewing gum from leather, use a flat metal object, preferably a blunt knife or the edge of a spoon, to scrub the stain. You need lukewarm water, a clean piece of cloth and soap before beginning this process.

  1. Scrub to reduce the stain

    Use the flat metal object to scrub the gum stain until it becomes smaller. Avoid scrubbing aggressively, because this spreads the stain to a larger area.

  2. Wash the area with lukewarm water

    Mix the mild soap solution in lukewarm water, and shake to create foam. Scoop up the foam with your hands, and apply it on the stain, but do not pour water on it. Scrub gently until both the stain and foam disappear. Avoid using warm or hot water because it softens the gum and spreads it further on the surface.

  3. Dry the surface using the clean cloth

    Place the clean piece of cloth on the stained area, and rub it gently. Continue rubbing the stain to absorb the moisture until it dries. Repeat this procedure if part of the stain is still visible.

  4. Polish your leather

    Use leather cleaner to clean the surface again. Apply saddle soap on the stained section to condition the leather.