How Do You Remove Caulk?


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To remove caulk, apply caulk remover, pull the old caulk out of the joint, remove residue with a glass scraper, and scuff the joint with an abrasive pad. This 45-minute procedure requires caulk remover, a utility knife, needle-nose pliers, a glass scraper, pliers, an abrasive pad and a cloth.

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  1. Apply caulk remover

    Cover the caulk with caulk remover according to the manufacturer's directions. Give the remover several minutes to soften the caulk.

  2. Pull the caulk out of the joint

    Insert the blade of a utility knife between the caulk and the joint. Work the blade along the caulk strip to separate it from the joint, and pull out the caulk with needle-nose pliers. Treat stubborn sections with additional caulk remover, wait several minutes, and then peel them away. Repeat until there are no large pieces of caulk in the joint.

  3. Remove the caulk residue

    Run a glass scraper along the joint to remove the caulk residue. Treat stubborn residue with a thin layer of caulk remover, and then scrape the area again. Repeat until no residue remains.

  4. Scuff the joint with an abrasive pad

    Rub the joint with an abrasive pad, and then wipe the joint with a clean cloth.

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