How Do You Remove Carpet That Is Glued Down?


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Remove a carpet that is glued down using a power carpet puller. If you cannot access this device, you can use low-tech devices such as a carpet pulling claw or a carpet peeler.

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For the low-tech method, you need a hammer, a pair of pliers, a carpet peeler or carpet pulling claw, a pry bar and a knife. You also need a floor scraper and plastic garbage bags to dispose of the carpet. Use a pry bar and a hammer to remove the baseboards and expose the edges of the carpet. Use a utility knife or a carpet knife to cut the carpet into strips measuring 2 feet each. This reduces the amount of energy you need to remove the carpet.

Starting from the corner, pull the carpet off the floor using a pair of pliers, a carpet pulling claw or a carpet peeler. Ask someone to help you scrape adhesive from the floor using a floor scraper as you continue to pull the carpet. Do the same for all the strips and dispose them in the plastic garbage bags.

Renting a power puller helps you remove the carpet faster and without much effort. Pry off the baseboards, and pull the carpet at the corners using a pair of pliers. Loosen about a foot of the carpet. Plug the power puller into a wall outlet and extend the cable to the corner where you loosened the carpet. Attach the carpet to the plates of the power puller. The winch pulls the plates and separates the carpet from the floor.

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