How Do You Remove Canine Fecal Stains From Concrete?


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Concrete absorbs odors and stains from pet accidents that often cause them to return to the same spot repeatedly. Removing the stain and smell sometimes takes several hours. To remove the stains and odor, gather fresh kitty litter, rubber gloves, a scraper, paper towels, old newspaper and an enzymatic pet waste removal product.

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  1. Remove any excess material from the area

    Wear rubber gloves and open windows to provide plenty of ventilation. Remove as much of the excess fecal matter from the area as possible. If urine and feces are mixed, spread a layer of kitty litter over the area and allow it to absorb any liquids before proceeding. Use paper towels to remove any loose material. Remove and discard the kitty litter. Use a putty knife to scrape away any dried material. If there is a large amount of feces on the concrete, a square point shovel or long-handled scraper is helpful in removing the material.

  2. Use an enzymatic cleaner

    Use a commercially prepared enzymatic cleaner to break down any remaining fecal matter. These materials work to eliminate odors and stains by breaking down the fecal matter at a chemical level.

  3. Rinse with clean water

    If the concrete area is water-safe and outside, rinse thoroughly with a garden hose to remove the excess enzymatic cleaner and any remaining material. If the area is inside, rinse with water using a nylon brush. Absorb any water that remains using newspaper.

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