How Do You Remove Candle Wax From Painted Walls?


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Remove candle wax from painted walls by scraping with a plastic knife, using an iron and paper towels to melt and absorb the wax and scrubbing the wall with a melamine eraser. Use caution when working with the hot iron and melted wax.

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  1. Scrape the wax with a plastic knife

    Allow the wax to cool and harden. Use a plastic knife to lift as much of the wax as possible from the wall. For softer waxes, such as those made from soy, it helps to place an ice cube against the wax to harden the wax first. Do not scrape so vigorously that you damage the finish.

  2. Melt and absorb the wax

    Fold several sheets of paper towels to form an absorbent pad. Heat an iron to the lowest setting. Place the pad of paper towels over the remaining wax, and heat it with the iron, being careful that you do not touch the paint with the bare iron. As the wax melts, it transfers to the paper towel pad, which requires frequent changes. Avoid touching the melted wax or hot iron with your bare skin to prevent burns.

  3. Finish cleanup with a melamine sponge

    Dip a magic cleaning sponge in water, and squeeze until almost dry. Use the sponge to remove any final traces of candle wax from the wall.

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