How Do You Remove Calcium Deposits From Pool Tile?


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To remove calcium deposits from pool tile, empty the pool by 6 inches, apply acidic gel cleaner to the tile using a lint-free cloth, scrub the tile with a nylon brush, and then wipe away the cleaner with a wet rag. Use a pumice stone to rub away stubborn stains.

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  1. Drain the pool and apply cleaner

    Empty the pool by 6 inches, and lie down on the edge of the pool so that you can easily access the calcium-stained areas. Use a lint-free cloth to apply an acidic gel tile cleaner to the stained tile. Let the cleaner stay on the calcium deposits for around 15 minutes.

  2. Scrub away the calcium deposits

    Fill a bucket with clean water, immerse a nylon brush in the water, and then scrub the tile in circular motions to loosen the calcium deposits. Wet a rag, and use it to wash away the gel, rinse the rag, wring out water, and repeatedly wash the tile to remove all the gel. Allow the tile to dry.

  3. Remove stubborn stains

    Inspect the area for remaining stains, outline the stains with a crayon, and then apply gel on the stained areas. In circular motions, scour the stains with a nylon brush, and wipe off the gel using a wet rag. In case of persistent calcium deposits, apply gel on the deposits, rub the deposits with a pumice stone, and then wash the tile with clean water. Refill the pool with water.

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