How Do You Remove Burned Sugar From a Saucepan?


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According to About.com, burned sugar can be removed by adding some cola to the pan to cover the burnt-on area and bringing the cola to a gentle simmer. The acid in the cola loosens the burnt sugar so that it can be scraped off more easily.

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How Do You Remove Burned Sugar From a Saucepan?
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Another option is simmering the pan with a mixture of baking soda and water. Let the warm pan sit overnight to loosen the sugar. The next day wipe out the burnt remains with a soft cloth and wash the pan with a paste of baking soda and water to remove any remaining sugar.

Vinegar and tomato sauce are alternate acidic options for removing burnt-on sugar. Again, simmer the tomato sauce or a mixture of vinegar and water in the pan with the burnt on residue. Let the pan sit overnight, and then clean. A soft plastic scrubber helps remove the last traces of burnt-on sugar without scratching most types of cookware.

For any tough stains that linger, fill the pan with a mixture of very hot water, oxygen-bleach and liquid dish washing detergent. Let the pan soak a few days before washing. This removes most stains from any burnt-on food in most varieties of cookware.

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