How Do You Remove Burn Marks From a Countertop?

To get a burn mark off a countertop, use a solution of warm water and soap, and apply some toothpaste to treat discoloration. Complete removal is more difficult on a white stone surface, such as marble, but repeating this process can get the stain out of most countertops.

  1. Prepare the burn marks

    Mix several drops of liquid dish soap in a quart of warm water, and press a section of old carpet into the mixture. Wring the rug out so that it is damp rather than soaking wet. Wipe the site of the burn with this carpet piece to get rid of the deposits that build up along the edges of this type of burn.

  2. Treat the discoloration from the burn

    Squeeze some white toothpaste directly onto the burn mark, and rub it into the grain of the scorch, using a clean, soft rag or a toothbrush that you no longer use. Make sure to scrub evenly across the burn.

  3. Follow up with a countertop cleaner

    Apply a cleaner specific to the type of countertop you have. Read the directions on the packaging, as the cleansers for different surfaces have significantly different application processes. Use fine-grit sandpaper if burned edges of the mark remain after all of these steps, and follow up with a countertop polish to give the surface an even finish.