How Do You Remove Burglar Bars?

Removal of burglar bars follows can be done in three steps. An inspection of the window to work out how they are installed is vital, but the only really difficult part is loosening the bolts. Once the bolts are loosened, you can easily remove the screws and bars.

  1. Inspect the window frame

    You should check how the bars are installed by inspecting the window frame. Measure the size of the screw heads used to hold the bars in place. After verifying the size of the screws' heads, purchase a screw removal tool designed specifically for the removal of burglar bars from the nearest hardware store.

  2. Loosen the screws

    Loosen the bolts that hold the screws in place by spraying a silicon-based lubricant on each screw and allowing it to work for several minutes. The lubricant will also help to remove accumulated rust that prevents extraction. Using locking pliers, clamp down on each screw head, and turn it counter clockwise. Be careful when removing the bolt that the screw head does not break midway.

  3. Remove the burglar bars

    Cut off the screw heads with a rotary angle grinder to allow the burglar bars to slide over the bolts as you remove them. Extract any remaining bolts from the window frame using a lubricant and locking pliers. Alternatively, you can grind the bolts to free the burglar bars from the window frame.