How Do I Remove Bubbles From Paint on a Freshly Painted Wall?

To remove bubbles from a freshly painted wall, scrape them with a trowel. Sand the wall, fill depressions with joint compound, sand again, prime the area, and repaint it. This procedure takes several hours and requires a trowel, sandpaper, a rag, joint compound, primer, paint and a small paint roller.

  1. Scrape the bubbles

    Scrape the bubbled area with the edge of a trowel until the bubbles pop or tear.

  2. Sand the affected area

    Sand the area until all of the paint is gone.

  3. Mend the wall with joint compound

    Run your fingers over the area. If you feel pits or gouges, fill them with joint compound. Let the compound dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, then sand it. Touch the dried compound to verify that its surface is smooth and that the edges blend seamlessly into the surrounding wall.

  4. Apply primer

    Remove sanding debris with a clean rag. Prime the mended wall, and give it the amount of drying time recommended by the manufacturer. Extend the drying period in humid weather. This is crucial because painting over moist primer frequently causes bubble formation.

  5. Paint the wall

    Paint the primed portion of the wall with a small roller. When it is completely dry, apply a second coat.