How Do I Remove Blue Stains From the Tub of a Clothes Dryer?

Blue stains on the inside of a clothes dryer occur when clothing containing unstable dyes, such as blue jeans or brightly colored items, transfer their color to the interior of the dryer. Although this color does not transfer to other clothing, there is a simple method to remove these stains.

  1. Select a cleaner

    Choose your favorite non-flammable household cleaner or make a paste of powdered laundry detergent and very warm water, and apply it to the stained areas. It is very important to use a non-flammable cleaner, since failure to do so can result in an explosion or fire.

  2. Clean the stains

    Using a soft, lint-free cleaning cloth, rub the stained areas until the blue stains are gone. To clean the dryer drum, thoroughly wipe the interior with a clean damp cloth.

  3. Dry the drum

    Dry the inside of the dryer with a clean cloth. To ensure all stains are gone, tumble a load of clean cloths or towels after cleaning the dryer.

  4. Prevent blue stains

    To prevent blue stains caused by unstable dyes, turn clothing items such as jeans or brightly colored garments inside out before drying. Routinely cleaning the inside of your dryer also helps prevent stain buildup.