How Do You Remove Blu-Tack From Carpet?

Blu-Tack is a reusable adhesive used primarily for decorative projects, according to the Blu-Tack website. Although the adhesive may sometimes fall on the carpet, creating a hard-to-remove mess, it can easily be removed with a bit of citrus-based cleanser. After checking for color-fastness on the carpet, apply the cleanser using a lint-free cloth, remove the adhesive then dry the area by blotting.

  1. Obtain the cleanser

    Buy a consumer-strength citrus-based cleanser with a smell that is tolerable to everyone living within the household. This kind of cleanser can be found in most grocery and department stores.

  2. Test the cleanser

    Find a small, out-of-the-way area of the carpet where you can test the cleanser and make sure that it will not damage the carpet. Apply a dab of the cleanser to a clean, lint-free cloth. Gently dab at the carpet with the cloth, watching for changes in carpet color. After allowing the test area of the carpet to dry, check it for colorfastness. If the area retains its color, proceed to the spot containing the adhesive.

  3. Remove the adhesive

    Dampen the lint-free cloth with the citrus-based cleanser. Rub the cloth onto the adhesive-covered area of the carpet until the adhesive has been dampened. Pull the wet adhesive out of the carpet and blot the area dry.