How Do You Remove Blood Stains From Carpeting?

How Do You Remove Blood Stains From Carpeting?

To remove blood stains from carpeting, moisten the stain with a solution of water and mild non-alkali detergent, and blot the area with a rag. Add ammonia solution to the stain, blot, and let the carpeting dry.

  1. Mix the ingredients

    Add 1/2 pint lukewarm water to a teaspoon of mild non-alkali detergent. Stir the mixture to form a uniform solution.

  2. Blot the stain

    Soak the stained area with a portion of the solution, and blot the spot with a soft rag. Blot from the edges towards the center to avoid spreading the stain to the surrounding parts of the carpeting.

  3. Apply ammonia if necessary

    Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with a cup of water, apply the solution to the stain, and soak up the liquid with a towel. Press an absorbent pad against the wet spot, lift the pad, and let the area dry.