How Do You Remove Black Scuff Marks?


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Dark-soled shoes often leave scuff marks on the floor. Use simple tools such as an eraser, tennis shoe and tennis ball to remove these marks from the flooring without the need for harsh chemicals.

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  1. Erase the marks

    Choose a white or gum eraser. While a small eraser can work, a larger eraser makes it easier to remove the marks. Avoid using pink or dark colored erasers as they often leave marks on the floors themselves.

  2. Dance away the problem

    Put on a white-soled tennis shoe, place the ball or heel of one foot on the floor and use a twisting motion to eliminate the stains. The tennis shoe works in a manner similar to the eraser but provides a larger rubber surface to remove the stains quickly. Avoid trying this with tennis shoes with dark soles that leave even more marks.

  3. Play ball

    The surface of a tennis ball provides the right amount of abrasive power to scrub away many marks. Use a new tennis ball to scrub away the stain. If there are a large number of marks to remove, cut a hole into the ball so it fits over the end of a mop handle. Scrub away the stain before wetting the floor with mop water.

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