How Do You Remove Black Grease From Clothes?

To remove black grease from clothes, scrape it with a spoon, cover it with cornstarch, remove the powder with a nail brush, apply dish soap, and launder the garment. This two-hour process requires a spoon, paper towels, cornstarch, a nail brush, dish soap, fabric detergent and laundry machines.

  1. Scrape the grease with a spoon

    Gently scrape the stain with the side of a spoon. Do not press the spoon into the fabric. Discard the excess grease, and blot the fabric with a paper towel. Keep blotting until the paper towel comes away clean.

  2. Cover the grease with cornstarch

    Cover the grease with cornstarch, wait 10 minutes, and brush it away with a nail brush. Do not get the soiled cornstarch on clean areas of the garment.

  3. Apply dish soap

    Place a dab of dish soap on the stain, sprinkle it with water, and rub the fabric with the nail brush. Turn the fabric over, apply another dab of soap, and scrub the back of the fabric.

  4. Wash the garment

    Wash the garment according to the directions on its care label. When the wash cycle ends, remove the garment and lay it flat to dry. Inspect the stained area. If some grease remains, launder the fabric again.