How Do I Remove a Bird Nest From My Roof?


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To remove a bird nest from your roof, inspect it, lift the nest away from the roof, put it in a bag, throw it away, and clean the roof. This one-hour process requires gloves, a ladder, a pocket knife, a garbage bag, a spray bottle, bleach and water.

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  1. Inspect the nest

    Check the nest for eggs, chicks and adult birds. Proceed only when the nest is empty, as removing an occupied nest is a violation of federal law.

  2. Lift the nest away from the roof

    Put on heavy gloves, and place a ladder beneath the nest. Climb up to the roof with a pocket knife, and have an empty garbage bag nearby. Grasp the nest, use the knife to sever its connections, and pull it away. Inspect the site carefully so you do not leave any part of the nest behind. Descend the ladder, and put the nest in the garbage bag.

  3. Throw away the bag

    Tie the bag tightly, and set it in a lidded trash can.

  4. Mix the cleaning solution

    Fill a spray bottle with 9 parts water and 1 part bleach.

  5. Clean the roof

    Climb the ladder with the bottle of diluted bleach, and douse the nesting site.

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