How Do You Remove Bird Droppings?

How Do You Remove Bird Droppings?

To remove bird droppings from your clothes, let them dry, scrape them off in big pieces, and wipe the area with a damp cloth. You may need to rinse the cloth and wipe the area more than once.

  1. Allow the droppings to dry

    Let the droppings dry completely before you take any steps to try to clean them off. Attempting to clean them off while they are still wet often results in a bigger mess and dropping smudges embedded in the fabric.

  2. Pick the area

    Using a tissue or paper towel, pick and pry the dried bird droppings to remove what you can. Sometimes the droppings come off in one large piece, but sometimes smaller pieces are left behind.

  3. Scrape the area

    Using a credit card, or something the same size and shape, gently scrape the area of affected fabric until the remaining pieces of bird droppings are completely gone.

  4. Wipe the area

    With a damp cloth, carefully wipe the affected area to remove any residue left behind by the bird droppings and to correct any discoloration caused. Continue to dab and wipe the area until all traces of bird droppings are gone. Allow the area to air-dry, and wash the clothing in a machine to finish the job.