How Do I Remove Beetroot Stains From Clothes?

Beetroot stains can normally be removed from clothes using liquid laundry detergent or some type of prewash stain remover. If the stain is bad, however, chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach may be needed.

  1. Rinse the stain

    If possible, rinse the stain with cold water immediately after the staining occurs. The stain is easier to remove if less time passes between the stain and the rinse. If rinsing the stain is impossible, using a baby wipe can help. Blot the stain with the wipe from the outside so the stain does not spread.

  2. Pretreat the stained fabric

    Using the stain remover or liquid laundry detergent, pretreat the area of the clothing that has been stained. After the treatment, rinse the stained area well with cold water.

  3. Soak in bleach

    If the stain remains on the clothing, soaking the clothing in bleach may be necessary. Chlorine bleach does a better job than oxygen bleach, but oxygen bleach is safer on more fabrics than chlorine bleach. Use chlorine bleach on fabrics that are not be damaged by it.

  4. Wash the clothing

    To completely remove the stain, it may be necessary to launder the clothing. Wash the stained clothing in cold water using whatever bleach is safe for the fabric.