How Do You Remove a Bedbug That Is Biting on Your Skin?


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Because bedbugs bite at night and bite painlessly, you will probably not notice them biting your skin. Signs of bedbug bites include itching and red welts on the skin. Keep the bugs from biting you by applying prevention measures to your home.

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A dermatologist can diagnose and treat bedbug bites. Some bites are bad enough to leave blisters, welts and skin infections, and it is important to seek treatment in these situations. If the bedbug bites result in a skin infection, it may be necessary to take antibiotics to prevent the condition from worsening. Antihistamines can help reduce swelling and itch of bedbug bites.

To prevent bedbugs from biting again, eliminate them from your environment. One option is to hire a professional exterminator who specializes in bedbug removal. You can also take steps to solve the problem on your own by identifying where the infestation has taken hold. Bedbugs tend to hide in dark places, such as under bed mattresses or behind picture frames.

To treat objects in your room, seal them in plastic bags for up to a year to ensure that all the bugs are dead. Empty your vacuum and throw away its contents after each use. Non-chemical extermination methods, such as heat or cold treatment, kill the pests without dangerous chemicals. Use pesticides that are EPA registered and specifically formulated to kill bed bugs so that you do not endanger your health.

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