How Do You Remove Bats From an Attic?


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To remove bats from the attic, seal holes through which bats enter and leave the attic, and install a one-way exclusion device in their primary exit holes. This way bats will be able to fly out at night, but won't be able to enter the attic again. Once there are no more bats in the attic, take off the exclusion device, and seal all of the remaining entry points. Clean the attic after completing the process.

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Bats usually have several primary entry points and many secondary points because they can enter through holes that are as small as 1/2 inch. Before installing the exclusion device, find and seal all the secondary entry points, but leave the primary ones open. There are many types of exclusion devices, including netting, screening, funnels and cones. Choose a suitable device depending on the attic and building architecture. Use plastic or metal screening, caulk or high-density polyurethane to seal the holes in the attic.

Before getting rid of bats, determine the species of the bats that are living in your house, and find out when this species has their birthing season. Never try to get rid of bats during the birthing season. Using repellents against bats usually doesn't give satisfactory results, and using poisons against these pests is illegal. You may use traps, but they are not very effective, as bats usually fly back to the home once you release them, and killing bats is illegal.

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