How Do You Remove a Bathroom Mirror?

How Do You Remove a Bathroom Mirror?

How Do You Remove a Bathroom Mirror?

Removing a bathroom mirror without breaking it is a quick and easy process requiring only a small pry bar, some wooden shims and heavy-duty packing tape, according to Lowe's. Once the mirror is removed, however, the wallpaper or the drywall beneath may be damaged due to the removal of the paper surface and the glue that held the mirror in place. Work gloves and goggles should be worn for safety from any debris.

  1. Prepare the mirror

    Cover the surface of the mirror with the heavy-duty packing tape to keep it from breaking into pieces as it's pried from the wall. Overlap the tape edges by about 1/4 inch to ensure full coverage.

  2. Shim the gaps

    Place small wooden shims beneath the edges of the mirror anywhere there is a gap between the mirror and the wall to keep the mirror surface even as it's pried away..

  3. Pry away the mirror

    Place a wooden shim against the wall above the mirror's edge in the upper left corner. Place the small pry bar over the shim, with the end of the bar beneath the edge of the mirror. Apply pressure to the bar, prying the mirror from the wall. The sound of tearing wallpaper or drywall may be heard as the mirror pulls away. Work the pry bar along the edge of the mirror, moving the shim as needed, and then work the bar down the sides evenly. The shim protects the wall from the pressure of the pry bar as you loosen the mirror.

  4. Remove the mirror

    Support the top of the mirror with one hand while prying off the bottom edge to keep it from falling. Gently remove the mirror from the wall.