How Do You Remove Bath Sealant?

How Do You Remove Bath Sealant?

To remove bath sealant, known as caulk, apply a caulk softener to the seams, remove the old caulk by hand and with a putty knife, and clean the area with a bleach-based cleanser. Once the old caulk is removed and the area is free of any residues, recaulk the seams.

  1. Soften the bath sealant

    Apply a caulk softener to the bath sealant. Before removing it, let the softener stand for 2 hours or until the old caulk has softened.

  2. Remove the old caulk

    Use a putty knife to slice each side of the bead of caulk, and try to pull away as much caulk as you can by hand. With a putty knife or a 5-in-1 painter's tool, scrape away the rest of the old bath sealant from the seams. To avoid scratching the surface of the bath, hold the scraper at a shallow angle.

  3. Clean the area

    Before recaulking your bath, clean the area around the seams to be sealed. Mildew and soap residues prevent new caulk from adhering to the surface of the bath, so use a bleach-based cleaning product, mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol to clean the area. Rinse the area well to remove all soap residue, then let it air dry, or wipe it down with a towel.