How Do I Remove a Bat From Inside My House?

How Do I Remove a Bat From Inside My House?

How Do I Remove a Bat From Inside My House?

A bat inside your house may be a jarring experience, but it's nothing to be alarmed about. Just like other animals, bats can occasionally get off course and wind up inside human homes. Use these steps to remove a bat from your home safely.

  1. Stay near the walls

    According to the Humane Society, bats typically fly in a U-shaped path, which takes them higher near the edges of a room and lower in the center. To avoid the bat's flight path, try to stay close to the walls.

  2. Close interior doors and open exterior doors and windows

    Close all of the interior doors in your home (such as bedroom and bathroom doors) so the bat has less room to roam around. Open exterior doors and windows to give the bat a better chance to exit the house on its own.

  3. Wear thick gloves

    Put on thick leather work gloves or something of a similarly durable material if possible. If no gloves are available, try using a rolled up t-shirt to handle the bat, but be sure the material is thick enough so the bat can't bite through it.

  4. Capture the bat and release it

    Use a plastic tub or other container to trap the bat and then work a piece of plastic or cardboard under the tub to keep the bat inside. Open the container outdoors to release the bat.