How Do You Remove the Back Panel on a Dryer?

To remove the back panel on a dryer, detach the exhaust ducting, elevate the dryer, remove all screws or bolts, and pop off the back panel. Before removing the back panel, unplug the dryer and move it away from the wall.

After unplugging the dryer, pull it far enough away from the wall to allow total access to the back of the machine. Use a screwdriver to loosen the retaining strap that connects the dryer vent to the exhaust duct. On some dryers, it is necessary to use a wrench to loosen the flex-line fitting. Detach the exhaust duct.

With an assistant, tilt the dryer so that its rear legs are elevated. Use wooden blocks placed under the rear legs to keep the dryer in this position while you work. Be careful not to tilt the dryer so sharply that it falls over.

Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove all the screws attaching the outer edges of the back panel to the side panels of the dryer. Some dryers have small machine bolts on the back panel; if this is the case, use a nut driver. If necessary, use a flat head screwdriver to pop the back of the dryer off.