How Do You Remove an Autumn Olive Tree?

How Do You Remove an Autumn Olive Tree?

How Do You Remove an Autumn Olive Tree?

Removing an autumn olive tree is a complex process that can take several weeks, depending on the severity of the growth. In order to remove an autumn olive tree, you need gloves, goggles, glyphosphate herbicide, a hatchet, a limb lopper and a manual sprayer.

  1. Apply the herbicide

    Wait for the leaves of the small plants to develop. Once you are able to see them, use your manual sprayer to coat all of the leaves with the glyphosphate herbicide. Make sure you saturate both sides of each leaf with the spray.

  2. Cut down the saplings and hedges

    Use your limb loppers to cut the saplings all the way down to the ground. This exposes a fresh stump. Spray the surface of the stump with the herbicide pump. After the herbicide has killed the upper growth, begin cutting the olive hedges and thickets down to the ground. You should wear gloves and goggles during this process to keep yourself safe from sharp extensions.

  3. Pull out the seedlings

    Examine the earth surrounding the olive seedlings. When the soil is moist, put on gloves, and remove the seedlings by hand. Pull carefully to ensure you are able to get rid of the roots. If any roots survive, the plant may regrow.

  4. Trim and spray the base of the tree

    Take your hatchet and hack away a 2-inch strip of bark that wraps all the way around the bottom of the tree. With your herbicide pump, apply herbicide directly into the fresh cuts.