How Do You Remove Aspergillus Mold?

Remove Aspergillus mold with soap and water, or by using diluted bleach. This type of mold should never come into contact with skin, so use protection with gloves and a face mask.

To clean Aspergillus mold, put on the protective gloves, mask and respirator first. Fill a bucket with warm water and detergent, then scrub the moldy areas with a scrub brush. Continue dipping the brush into the soapy water as often as needed to remove all traces of mold. Empty the water when it gets dirty and re-fill it. After removing the mold, make sure it is rinsed thoroughly and completely dry.

If the area with mold is a porous material like carpeting or tiles, they might need to be removed. These materials cause mold to absorb into them, making it almost impossible to remove. Replace them to avoid mold production in the future.

The faster mold is cleaned and removed from the home, the better. It is also a good idea to find the cause of the mold after cleaning it up. If it was due to excess moisture in the bathroom, find the cause. It might be due to high humidity or a plumbing leak that needs to be repaired. In the future, address leaks promptly and keep all areas dry reduce the risk of mold growth.