How Do You Remove Asbestos Siding?


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To remove asbestos siding, first determine if you need to have an asbestos removal permit from your local government. If you do not need a permit or you have already acquired one, the next step is to gather the necessary safety equipment. Protective clothing, gloves, goggles and respirator are required.

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Some hardware stores offer kits for asbestos removal that include all the proper safety gear. Next, spread plastic sheeting on the ground around the house where the asbestos siding is being removed. Keep people not wearing protective gear and animals away from the area. Wet the siding you are removing with a mixture of water and liquid detergent. This prevents harmful asbestos dust during the removal process.

Starting at the top of the area to be removed, use a flat pry bar and remove the siding. Lower the siding to the ground, do not throw or drop it. You may need a nail puller or cutter to remove nail heads as you work. Continue to keep the asbestos material wet, even when it has been removed. Put the siding into sealed plastic bags and dispose of it safely as regulated by local ordinances. Spray yourself off to remove any asbestos particles outside of the filter. Also dispose of all protective gear and gloves.

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