How Do You Remove Asbestos From Your Home?


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Although it is not recommended for homeowners to remove asbestos themselves, it is legal in some states as of 2015 and can be done if the asbestos is firmly bound. If you decide to remove asbestos, wear disposable personal protective equipment and wrap the asbestos twice in strong, thick plastic bags clearly labelled as "Asbestos." Check the requirements in your state regarding appropriate disposal procedures, says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Removed asbestos must be disposed of at an appropriate waste treatment center. Dispose of the personal protection equipment at the same time as the asbestos. If asbestos in a home is loosely bound or if the proper protective equipment is not available, it must be removed by a licensed asbestos remover. When determining how to deal with a possible asbestos contamination, keep in mind that if the disposal is not done safely and according to local regulations, an environmental health inspector might assess fines.

Before attempting a removal, ensure that the material in question is in fact asbestos and is dangerous. Many items containing asbestos are recommended to be simply left alone or repaired. Since removal is the most expensive option when dealing with asbestos, it is best to research to make sure it is necessary to remove it.

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